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Date: 25 - 26 May, 2024.

Venue: Lemonfit Olaias (Lisbon, Portugal)

Registration Deadline: 24.April.2024

Payment Deadline:  30.April. 2024


Lemonfit Olaias


R. Robalo Gouveia 2,

1900-392 Lisbon, Portugal



Saturday, 25 MAY 2024

08:30 » Check-in and delivery of welcome kits

09:00 » Start of the group stage

20:00 » End of the group stage

Sunday, 26 MAY 2024

09:00 » Start of the knockout stage

18:00 » Finals

19:30 » Awards ceremony

20:00 » End of the tournament



Registration *
30 €

per person


  • Registration for the event (minimum of 3 games)

  • Welcome kit

  • Official t-shirt

  • Trophies and Medals for the winners

  • 1 bottle (1L) water per day

* Price until March 30.
After April 1st the price changes to 40 €

Lunch (optional)

Chef Menu 

9,50 €
price per person


  • Main Dish

  • Drink

  • Dessert

  • Coffee

Bifana Menu 

5,50 €
 per person


  • Pork-steak roll 

  • Beer

At the "Game On" restaurant (Lemonfit Olaias), you can choose another type of meal (Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches, Toasts, etc.) at list prices.




  • Categories:

    • Male

    • Female

    • Mixed

  • Levels (*)

    • 6 – Beginner

    • 5 – Basic

    • 4 – Intermediate

    • 3 – Advanced

  • Series (**)

    • Aviation

    • Logistics

    • Lemonfit

    • EDA Sports

  • Games
    (Games end when a team wins 9 games.)


(*)Level definitions

  • 6 - Beginner:

Players who have just started playing padel / who have played a few times but has difficulty keeping the ball in play.

  • 5 - Basic:

Players can perform the basic stokes, have a decent forehand and manage backhands, serves and forehand volleys

  • 4 - Intermediate:

Players have a good forehand and can control the backhand, serve, forehand lob, forehand volley and rebounds from the glass.

  • 3 - Advanced:

Players have an aggressive forehand, a powerful backhand and serves with precision. They havea  good control on all volleys, continually uses the glass to hit, hits hard and gives the ball an effect on trays.

​(**) Series definition:

  • Aviation Series - This tournament is open to all teams in which at least one of the players works in the Aviation sector (Airlines, Airports, Air Traffic Controllers, Handling, Cargo, Travel Agencies, etc.).

  • Logistics Series - This tournament is open to all teams in which at least one of the players works in the Logistics sector (Post Office, Transport Companies, Freight Forwarders, Ports, Containers, etc.).

  • Lemonfit Series - This tournament is open to all teams in which at least one of the players registers through an invitation from Lemonfit.

  • EDA Sports Series – This tournament is open to all teams who want to participate in the event, whether individual, corporate or from schools, academies, clubs, etc. 


  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age on the date of the tournament.

  • During the registration process, and after submitting the online form, the organization will ask participants to present business identification cards or proof that the players work in companies in the sector in which they are registering for the series. If identification/proof is not available or does not fit into the registered series, they will be play at the EDA Sports series.

  • In the mixed category, teams represented only by female members may register. All-male teams will not be able to register in the mixed category

  • Registration must be done by filling out the online form (here) and is only valid if payment made during the registration process has been confirmed by the organization.

  • The deadline for registration is April 30, 2024. We have limited availability and late registrations will only be accepted if there are still places available.

General Rules

Game duration:

Proset - Games end when one team wins 9 games.


Gold point when the result in the game is 40-40 and in the set it is 8-8.

In the gold point, the team receiving the service must choose which element will receive the opponent's service.

Competition (*):

In the first phase, depending on the number of registrations in each series, teams will be divided into groups in an all-against-all system in 1 round.

The winners from each group will be qualified for the final phase of the series.


The qualification for the EDA Padel Cup champion will be played between the 4 winners of each series (Aviation, Logistics, Lemonfit and EDA Sports), who will compete in 2 semi-finals and 1 final.


(*) The competition plan may be changed with prior notice.


Points (group stage):

3 points – Victory without gold point

2 points – Victory with gold point

1 point – Defeat with gold point

0 points - Defeat

When teams finish with equal number of points in the group, decision will be done by:

1 – Highest number of games won in the group

2 – Lowest number of games lost in the group

3 – Direct encounter scores between the tied teams. (in case of 3 or more teams a mini table with the results only with these teams;

If the tie remains:

1 - Most games won between their games

2 - Fewest games lost between their games

3 - Tie-break (3 games) between tied pairs


It will be held on May 20th and the draw results will be announced on May 21st

The Organizational Committee shall solve any omissions in these rules.

How to get 

By Car / Taxi / UBER..:


R. Robalo Gouveia 2,

1900-392 Lisbon, Portugal

By Metro:

Metro Station: Olaias (a 200 mts) - Red line


By Bus:

Route 793 / 34 B (200 mts)
Route 720 / 756  / 730 (500 mts) 


If you want accommodation, we suggest the following hotels:

Ramada by Wyndham Lisbon (200 mts distance)



Hotel DAH (750 mts distance)


Hotel AS Lisboa (1,50 Km distance) » Metro Station: Alameda (20 mts distance)


The organization can handle your stay. If you are interested, contact us

Padel Courts

The padel tournament will be played at Lemonfit Olaias on 7 padel courts (4 indoor and 3 outdoor)


Registration Deadline: 24.April.2024

Payment Deadline: 30.April.2024

Cancellation of registration / Withdrawal

For cancellation requests made before April 30th, the organization will refund the entire registration fee paid.
After May 1st, there will be no refund, except for duly justified reasons (injuries, professional). Players may, however, be replaced by others.

In case of withdrawal during the tournament, no money will be refunded.

Tournament cancellation

  • To allow the organization of this tournament, a minimum of 4 teams must participate in each series (Aviation, Logistics, Lemonfit and EDA Sports). If any of the Aviation, Logistics or Lemofit series have less than 4 registered teams, they will compete in the EDA sports series.

  • The tournament may be canceled if less than 8 teams are registered in all series. In this case, the organization will refund the registration fee paid.

Image rights

Photographs and/or video will be taken in this event. By taking part on it you grant the organizing committe full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for fundraising, publicity or other purposes. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in our printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications.

For any doubts please contact our photo/video staff.



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